Environmental Test Equipment - Rental

We have a range of Test Chambers, Air Treatment Units, Ovens, Measuring Instruments, Monitors and Loggers available. Some of the general benefits of renting are:

  • Meet any short-term requirement
  • Satisfy urgent requirements immediately
  • Cater for production peaks thereby enabling your owned equipment to be kept at an optimum level
  • Allow a full technical evaluation of a test or process prior to making a capital purchase
  • Overcome difficulties caused by manufacturers lead times on the purchase of new equipment
  • Enable your costs to be attributed to specific projects
  • Provide a means of acquiring equipment before capital authorisation is approved
  • Avoid tying up your capital in under-utilised assets, therefore leaving it available for other projects
  • Hire charges are usually tax-deductible

In addition to the above, Proactive Hire offers the following benefits and options:

  • Fast delivery – normally within 24 - 48 hours to account customers
  • Term discounts – dependant on commitment period
  • Updating service – by contacting you shortly before the hire period is due to expire we ensure that you only pay hire charges for as long as your need exists
  • No fixed end date – equipment is available to you until you terminate the hire
  • Equipment reliability – all equipment is checked to ensure that it meets full specification prior to dispatch
  • Certification of calibration can be supplied on request
  • Maintenance worries removed – faulty equipment usually repaired or replaced within 24 - 48 hours
  • Door-to-door delivery and collection service
  • Commissioning and operator training where appropriate

Environmental Test Equipment Specialists